The Portrait – Song

He travels in big circles.
He has power in his hands.
Says, “Listen to me woman and
perhaps you’ll understand. A
woman’s place is in the home,
that’s where I’ll say you’ll be.
Just wash the dishes, clean the
house…make it comfortable for me.
You’re wasting your time searching
and you’re taking things too far.
I do not think I want you to
be better than you are.
I’ve given you my home, my ring.
And yes that too my name.”

He paints a pretty picture but she lives within his frame.

He’s got it all together.
He’s as sure as he can be.
But like Nero he stand fiddling
while Rome burns beneath his feet.
He hasn’t seen the warning signs
or heard a word she’s said.
And what truly once was beautiful
now makes her very sad.
She tells him her desires
but she never will complain.
She’s dreaming of the sunshine
while she’s living in the rain.
She wishes he would change but
in the corner of her mind.
She knows that she’ll be leaving…
it could happen anytime.


Fly, fly, fly
she thinks she’ll fly away.

Try, try, try
she’s done her best to stay.

Cry, cry, cry
the tears won’t go away

and she thinks she’ll
fly, fly, fly,
fly away.