Don’t Tread on Me

We woke up Tuesday morning
to the terrorists’ attacks
America is under seige–
it’s time for fighting back.
It seems the whole world’s crazy
and wants us to take the blame
and tho we once were silent
Damn, we’ll never be the same.
‘Cause we don’t take our way of life for granted anymore
and you can’t shoot and run
away, now we’re keeping score
and you may think that we’ll forgive
and forget it all in time’we’re slow to anger
but now we’re mad
and we’re drawing out a line.

There’re hundreds of us missing
in New York and Washington
and one day we will get you there’s
no place for you to run.
Your silence only makes us
more determined in our quest
and when we’re riled it
only serves to put us at our best.
It’s fear that makes us wonder
what would happen should you win
and just who we could count on
if we should ever need a friend
we’ve tried to be a good example
not tarnished but we’re blessed
and tho our faults are many
we believe that our way’s best

No, don’t tread on me sweet Liberty is all we’ve ever known
and we can fight, we claim the right
to protect all that we own.
Be sure you’re right then go ahead
Old Davy Crocket said.
Because freedom comes so naturally
we’re freedom born and bred.
we treat you right and in a fight
We always give our best
But we’re tired of being targets
For the world and its terrorists
we feed your hungry, tend your sick
and even clothe your poor
But all you do is complain that
What you really want is more.

You crash our planes and act insane
then say we’re the evil ones
when all the time it’s in your minds
To undo the good we’ve done
Stop foreign aid until we’re paid
And close the UN down
Then we’ll see just how y’all handle
It when it all comes tumbling down.

but if you think that you way’s
Better. Then by example lead
We’ll let you feed your hungry
and provide your other needs.
But don’t bite the hand that feeds you
Ungrateful’s what we see
yes, now we’re mad our rally cry
is world don’t tread on me.

Chorus is repeated a 2nd time at 1/2 higher after the third time it is sung.