Beam Me Up, Mr. Spock

Chorus (begin song with chorus)
Beam me up, Mr. Spock,
I’ve got a case of culture shock.
These earth-forms here, I must confess,
Have made this planet such a mess.

Can you hear me, Mr. Spock?
It’s severe, this case I’ve got.
So tell me that I’m getting through
And transport me away with you.

(end chorus and begin rap of next 8 lines)

There’s Boy George here to sing his song.
Some say he’s a man…I can’t go along.
He doesn’t wear slacks and that’ for sure
But dresses from the Goodwill store.

Kids call their hairdos MOD or PUNK;
It stands on ends or is all tangled up
With spray paint colors here and there-
I know Frankenstein designed that hair.

chorus (repeat chorus -add the word “So” Beam me up…)

They work real fast but need computers.
Live far from work and ride commuters.
Or, stay in town five days a week
And just go home two days to sleep.

There are ladies going down in mines,
Hardhats on – they say it’s fine.
But I still think the work’s too rough,
And I believe I’ve seen enough.


In politics they must separate
The things of church from the things of State.
But please don’t ask me what that means
‘Cause they’re the same to me it seems.

And they tell us soon the President
Will find another house to rent.
They say the problem is the color.
White offends some of the brothers.

Chorus (once as above)